Monday, September 1, 2008

My poetry book "A Loving Embrace"

This is one of my poems, which has been published in my book "A Loving Embrace". 

Who am I?

I am the leaves that rustle
With the breeze that blows
I am the whispers that hustle
Through the wind in the willows

I am the branches that hold
The children of nature
I am the secrets untold
Of the beauty that nature beholds

I am the trunk of the tree
So elegant and strong
And so firm and giving
I am the echo of nature’s song

I am the roots that run
Deep into the earth
Upholding and keeping the tree alive
Giving it the life for which it strives

I am the seeds that when sown
Become earth’s own
Become life’s own
I laugh with life
I cry with life
For I am no more
Than the dust that gives life

It's an all time favorite of mine:) Will post more of my poems later! 


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Sandy said...

What a delightful poem! Is there any chance of you sending me a free copy of your book? ;)